White paper on GCP Capacity-building Activities


A series of Position Papers have been drafted by the CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) team in collaboration with external experts. The goals are to communicate the outputs and deliverables from each research component during 2004–2014, and to explore options for enabling and ensuring that the potential benefits of these components will be fully realised in the future.

The strategic objective of GCP’s capacity building efforts is to build, in developing-country research institutes, a core of scientists who are trained in and exposed to the use of modern breeding tools. This, in turn, would enhance their involvement in global research initiatives, and enable them to competently take on research leadership roles. Tactical objectives are various: create a platform of training resources on the application of advanced breeding technologies; cultivate research and learning opportunities for country programme scientists; construct systems for ensuring product delivery, including infrastructure support and development of communities of practice; and implement various research support services.


GCP Management Team. White paper on GCP Capacity-building Activities. Generation Challenge Programme, Mexico (2012) 24 pp.

Published 1 January 2012