Where Does China Fit in the Bottom Billion Narrative?


One of a series of 13 briefs exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the policies advocated in Paul Collier's controversial and influential book 'The Bottom Billion'.

Most of the world's poor are in China and India, but Paul Collier argues in The Bottom Billion that development efforts should focus on slower-growing countries. This In Focus brief suggests that development agencies still need to focus on China and India as these countries still face development challenges in their poorer regions and with respect to a number of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In addition these countries have become development actors themselves. It is critical to engage with them as equals in order to learn from their successes, deliver global public goods and work with them as they become increasingly important trade, investment and aid partners for the Bottom Billion countries.


IDS In Focus Issue 3.3, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 4 pp.

Where Does China Fit in the Bottom Billion Narrative?

Published 1 January 2008