What connects regulatory governance to poverty?


Before going on to address whether and how 'regulatory governance' can be connected to poverty reduction, this paper considers briefly issues that arise in the conceptualisation of poverty: entitlements and capabilities; relative poverty and inequality; objective and subjective perspectives; measuring poverty; and policy interventions. This brief survey of conceptualisations of poverty and policy prescriptions for its reduction provides the framework within which to locate the place and relevance of regulatory governance. First, the paper recalls what regulatory governance is, how it has emerged as a significant element in the literature and practice of regulation in developed countries, and what purchase it has in the rather different economic and political conditions of developing countries. Interpreting policy transfer is considered and it is concluded that, overall, attempts at 'policy transfer' of the privatisation and regulation model of economic reform have run into serious problems of cultural reception.


Manchester, UK, CRC Working Paper, No. 118, 25 pp.

What connects regulatory governance to poverty?

Published 1 January 2005