Western Afghanistan Agroenterprise Support Program


This is an introductory presentation for a Catholic Relief Services (CRS) project in Afghanistan, conducted with RALF funding. The goal of the project was to help communities to improve risk management through agricultural development: creating buffers against natural and man-made disasters; and asset creation. A key activity that contributes to this is indentifying new or existing crops with high potential, but little current investment, that could be substituted for opium poppy cultivation. Promoting interest in international markets for these crops and facilitating market access is essential to achieve these goals. The presentation describes cumin, saffron, peas, chickpeas, vegetables, ornamentals, orchard trees, grapes, small scale processing (jam, juice and pickle) and livestock as viable alternative crops.

For further information, please consult the original project proposal as submitted to RALF in 2004.


RALF, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria, 31 pp.

Western Afghanistan Agroenterprise Support Program

Published 1 January 2004