Wellbeing Pathways Report: Zambia Round 1


This report sets out the 'pre-story' of our approach to wellbeing assessment and highlights findings that in Zambia, while economic status makes the greatest difference to inner wellbeing, gender/marital status comes a close second.

The report provides an overview of our findings on objective and subjective aspects of wellbeing in Chiawa, Zambia, from our first round of fieldwork there. It discusses the methodology we have developed to assess wellbeing, the pitfalls we encountered and how we addressed them. Finally, the report reflects on some of the ways that our results from Zambia confirm or contrast with those from our research in India, set out in a sister report.


White, S.C.; Gaines, S.O.; Jha, S.; Marshall, N.; Graveling, E. Wellbeing Pathways Report: Zambia Round 1. University of Bath, Bath, UK (2012) 44 pp.

Wellbeing Pathways Report: Zambia Round 1

Published 1 January 2012