Water law, water rights and water supply (Africa)


Project R7327 was intended to identify (and promote awareness and understanding of), the constraints and enabling conditions provided by existing water laws (statutory and customary) with regard to the poor having access to, or being entitled to receive, a safe and reliable supply of water and sanitation facilities. The study focused on the poor (primarily those in rural communities but not excluding those in peri-urban settlements); on water for domestic (and other rural livelihood) needs; and included sanitation (where it was part of integrated water supply and sanitation programmes). This summary report is based on the findings from the five study countries and on wider knowledge from other sources. Its purpose is to present the key common issues that have been identified by this scoping study.


Cranfield University at Silsoe, UK, 16 pp.

Water law, water rights and water supply (Africa)

Published 1 January 1999