Water Demand Forecasting Thematic Paper 1.8

This document outlines the process for forecasting demands for water for each sector and for aggregating these demands


Demand forecasts are needed to plan and optimize the management of resources, and to improve design and management of water infrastructure. Various parties need access to this forecasting information, including water resources management organisations, water supply companies, large irrigation schemes, and regulators. Domestic, municipal, industrial, and agricultural water demands should all be considered. Where demand management policies are being implemented, demand forecasting becomes a more complex process requiring more careful analysis.

This Thematic Paper should be read in conjunction with Advisory Note 1.8.1 - Water Demand Forecasting and Advisory Note 1.8.2 - Agricultural Water Use Norms.


WRDMAP. Water Demand Forecasting [Thematic Paper 1.8]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 60 pp

Water Demand Forecasting Thematic Paper 1.8

Published 1 May 2010