Water Demand Forecasting Advisory Note 1.8.1

This guide covers the issues of forecasting water demand for both urban and rural environments


This Advisory Note introduces the principles, procedures and precautions for the calculation of a water demand forecast. It includes domestic, industrial, and eco-environmental water demands. It introduces some preparatory activities that are required before a water demand forecast analysis can be undertaken, and it provides the steps of a demand forecast calculation according to a norms approach as used widely in the country.

This Advisory Note should be read in conjunction with Thematic Paper 1.8 - Water Demand Forecasting and Advisory Note 1.8.2 - Agricultural Water Use Norms.


WRDMAP. Water Demand Forecasting [Advisory Note 1.8.1]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 32 pp

Water Demand Forecasting Advisory Note 1.8.1

Published 1 May 2010