Water Allocation Issues Thematic Paper 2.7

This paper reviews the topic of water allocation outlining the complex and inter-related issues that affect any water allocation process


The document provides an overview of water allocation practices. It presents features of international water allocation practices with specific reference to England and Wales as well as Australia. Information is presented on the background to water allocation in the country and covers some of the issues often encountered.

The content structure of the Thematic Paper is:

  • introduction - explaining why water allocation is important in a water-stressed situation
  • water allocation - covering forms of allocation, water rights, water allocation practices and legislative background
  • water allocation planning - as pertaining to the current situation
  • summary and observations
  • appendix A: related topics - outline of environmental allowances and the use of simulation modelling


WRDMAP. Water Allocation Issues [Thematic Paper 2.7]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 52 pp

Water Allocation Issues Thematic Paper 2.7

Published 1 May 2010