Users guide to off-grid energy solutions.


This website is designed anyone who is contemplating setting up operations, or upgrading their operations, in areas of the world not served by grid electricity. The interactive guide has five modules: Introduction; lighting; pumping; cooling/refrigeration/freezing; and audiovisuals. Each module describes possible situations, helps the user define their daily energy requirements, and then identifies how they might meet those requirements. It sets out various energy supply options, and their basic costs and benefits. It provides dynamic links to glossaries of technical terms, of concepts, of more detailed discussions of various issues (such as pumping, PV (photovoltaic) system requirements, and various renewable energy options). The guidebook is further linked to a wide range of services and information on the Internet.


Users guide to off-grid energy solutions. (2003)

Users guide to off-grid energy solutions.

Published 1 January 2003