Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN) Framework and Plan


This Framework and Plan provides an overview and detailed description of the Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN) programme. The programme will produce research and data collection on key topics concerning urbanisation, urban development and the provision of infrastructure, and will disseminate this work through reports which will contribute to the evidence base for better urbanisation strategy, urban policy and urban programming and governance in Nigeria.

The research will be approached through the four themes:

  • Theme A: Urban change processes – developing a better understanding of the urbanisation and spatial expansion processes.
  • Theme B: Urban economic growth, infrastructure and livelihoods – examining Nigeria’s diverse urban economies and the opportunities they provide.
  • Theme C: Well-being of urban citizens – exploring the material, relational and subjective dimensions of well-being in Nigeria’s urban settlements.
  • Theme D: Urban land, planning, and governance – uncovering the process of urban development based on land resources and its planning and management.


Bloch, R.; Papachristodoulou, N. Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN) Framework and Plan. ICF International, London, UK (2014) iii + 20 pp.

Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN) Framework and Plan

Published 1 January 2014