Urban Water Supply Demand Management Thematic Paper 3.2

This document is one of a series on water that seek to inform on and promote best practice in sustainable management


Demand management is the implementation of measures which serve to control or influence the consumption of water. In the urban water sector the overriding objective of demand management is to promote efficient water use by both the water supply companies and their customers. Using water efficiently is in everyone’s interest but it is only as securing adequate resources becomes a problem that all parties recognise their role in achieving a sustainable balance between social, economic and environmental needs.

This document covers the following topics:

  • introduction
  • demand management practices in urban water supply
  • supply-side measures (WSC led)
  • WSC-led customer-side measures
  • regulations and Standards as drivers
  • raising awareness and influencing behaviour; public education
  • customer-led actions; International experience
  • demand management initiatives in China
  • conclusions


WRDMAP. Urban Water Supply Demand Management [Thematic Paper 3.2 ]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 40 pp

Urban Water Supply Demand Management Thematic Paper 3.2

Published 1 May 2010