Urban WASH Module (Overview; Slides; Lecturer Notes; User Request Form)


Providing water supply and sanitation services in slum communities and peri-urban areas presents enormous challenges to water utilities and municipal governments. Part of the problem is that engineers are often trained in “high-tech” solutions and technical analysis, but have no specific training around service delivery in low-income contexts. This module aims to give engineers and other professionals an understanding of urban low-income communities, and of how to provide water and sanitation services in such communities.

The module comprises a total of 16 units: see the linked Content Overview. For each unit, the module materials comprise (a) a Powerpoint Presentation, including “content” slides as well as slides to support discussion activities; and (b) Lecturer Notes outlining the unit’s content and aims, and providing guidance on how to deliver the class. To obtain the full materials for all 16 units, complete the linked User Request Form and email to erl@wsup.com. The materials are free to use.


Anon. Urban WASH Module (Overview; Slides; Lecturer Notes; User Request Form). WSUP, (2015)

Published 1 January 2015