Urban aquatic production.


The cultivation of fish and aquatic plants/vegetables is widespread throughout many cities in Southeast Asia and to a lesser extent in Africa and Latin America. Aquatic production is intrinsically linked with the livelihoods of a significant number of the lower-income urban households. It includes a wide array of activities, from extensive to intensive cultivation of both fish and aquatic vegetables. However, the production systems involved are generally semi-intensive often utilising wastewater from the city as a source of nutrients and fertiliser for increasing production. This article, which serves as an introduction to a special magazine issue, gives an overview of urban aquatic production, drawing on preliminary research findings from the PAPUSSA (Periurban Aquatic Production Systems in South-East Asia) project, which aims to give an overview of the status and impact of periurban aquatic production systems in four cities (Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi).


Leschen, W., Little, D., Bunting, S. and van Veenhuizen, R. Urban aquatic production. Urban Agriculture (2005) 14: 1-7pp. [Annex C9 of the Final Technical Report of project R8365.] Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling.

Urban aquatic production.

Published 1 January 2005