Typologies of drop out in Southern Ghana


Initial access to basic education in Ghana has increased substantially over the last decade. However, irregular attendance and dropout from school continues to occur in many rural schools. This has serious implications for achieving the Millennium Development (MDG) and Education for All (EFA) goals on educational access. This policy brief focuses on different types of school dropout in southern Ghana and profiles the characteristics of the children who fall into different locations within the typology of drop out that has been developed. On the basis of the analysis it suggests changes to existing policies and new policies to tackle drop out in Ghana. This policy brief is based on an article to be published in the International Journal of Education and Development ‘Typology of School Dropout: the Dimensions and Dynamics of Dropout in Ghana.’


Annon. Typologies of drop out in Southern Ghana. (2010) 4 pp.

Typologies of drop out in Southern Ghana

Published 1 January 2010