TRL research on road construction in arid areas.


This paper outlines work being undertaken by the Transport Research Laboratory on road construction in arid areas in the tropics. Full-scale road trials are in progress to assess the compaction of soils at their naturally occurring moisture contents instead of at the normally specified optimum moisture content. The savings in water using these techniques can amount to twenty per cent of total construction costs. The road trials also include the use of expansive clays in road embankments where different design methods,

some employing geosynthetic materials, are being compared to control

and prevent ingress of water. Site instrumentation, which includes a

new TRL, soil suction probe, is also briefly described.


Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Engineering Characteristics of Arid Soils, City University, London, 5-8 July 1993. TRL - Crowthorne, UK. pp. 10

TRL research on road construction in arid areas.

Published 1 January 1993