Tree biology research and plant propagation


Several research groups at this station are investigating aspects of tree and forest science from a broad spectrum of interests and approaches, especially in physiology, ecology, genetics and microbiology. The same themes recur: how trees grow and develop, how their responses differ, and how one tree affects another. It is expected that this knowledge will be used to improve and innovate in forestry, and aid the cultivation of ornamental and amenity trees. To a large extent this research is complementary to that of the Forestry Commission Research Division, whose work is particularly related to practical problems associated with commercial forestry species. Fruit tree research in Britain is mainly concentrated at the Long Ashton and East Malling Research Stations.

Compared with herbaceous crop and ornamental plants, much less is known about forest and amenity trees, and new hybrids and cultivars appear infrequently or not at all.


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Tree biology research and plant propagation

Published 1 January 1975