Transformation Dissemination: Final Report.


This project arose from the need to disseminate the findings from a previous

international comparative study, \"Transformations of government-built low cost housing as generators of shelter and employment\" sponsored by DFID (R4865) that consisted of three years of research into user-initiated housing transformations. The aim was to hold national workshops in four countries. The workshops were held in Accra, Ghana; New Delhi and Bangalore, India; Pretoria, South Africa; and Mazvikadei, Zimbabwe.

It was obvious from theudy that transformations have great potential to improve housing for the poor. Thus, it was the purpose of the project to instigate government action to promote extensions as housing supply in both existing and proposed housing projects instead of the current hostility to, or ignorance of, extensions as valid housing supply.

This final report provides details of the workshops and outcomes from the dissemination project.


Transformation Dissemination: Final Report.

Published 1 January 2000