Training of trainers.


The SWMnet training reports are designed to capture the process and outputs of its training activities. This particular report is about the training of trainers organized in early July 2005. This training was part on the implementation of the SWMnet/ICRISAT project supported of DFID-NRSP, being implemented by a consortium of national agricultural research institutes (NARIs) of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. One of the outputs of the project was to build capacity in the eastern and central Africa for providing training and skills development in communication planning and up-take promotion.


Gatobu, S.K. and Hatibu, N. 2005. Training of trainers. SWMnet training report 2. Annex B2.3 of the Final Technical Report for project R8381. Nairobi, Kenya: SWMnet of ASARECA. 114 pp.

Training of trainers.

Published 1 January 2005