Training in Electronic Records Management (TERM)


This module is part of an educational initiative called Training in Electronic Records Management or TERM, developed by the International Records Management Trust as part of a wider project to investigate issues associated with establishing integrity in public sector information systems. Begun in 2006, Fostering Trust and Transparency in Governance: Investigating and Addressing the Requirements for Building Integrity in Public Sector Information Systems in the ICT Environment was a project designed to address the crucial importance of managing records in the information technology environment. The focus of the study was pay and personnel records, since payroll control and procurement are the two major areas of government expenditure most vulnerable to misappropriation, and payroll control is, therefore, a highly significant issue for all governments.

Drawing on these findings, the project developed five training modules on electronic records management and related resource materials. These are:

Module 1: Understanding the Context of Electronic Records Management
Module 2: Planning and Managing an Electronic Records Management Programme
Module 3: Managing the Creation, Use and Disposition of Electronic Records
Module 4: Preserving Electronic Records
Module 5: Personnel Records as the Information Base for Human Resource and Payroll Management


Published 1 January 2009