Topic Guide : Governance of Natural Resources

This guide aims to guide practitioners on the complexity of natural resources governance


Renewable natural resources form a key part of economic and social systems in many developing countries, contributing to livelihoods, food security and the green economy, as well as generating trade and enterprise at local, national and international levels. The governance of these resources is complex, with a myriad of competing rights, users and governance structures across a broad range of temporal and geographical scales. Several dimensions of governance have been found to be key in delivering appropriate benefit-sharing, ensuring sustainable exploitation, minimising conflict over access and control, and maximising the contribution of these resources to economies.

This guide examines these critical aspects of natural resource governance to help guide practitioners on how to approach this complexity.


Nunan, F. Topic Guide : Governance of Natural Resources. Evidence on Demand, UK (2016) vi + 49 pp.

Topic Guide: Governance of Natural Resources

Published 1 July 2016