Topic Guide: Effective post-disaster reconstruction programmes

This topic guide is a review of the state of play in post-disaster reconstruction


This Topic Guide builds on extensive research, literature and experience to date, most recently considering outputs from the 2015 Sendai Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. It considers the status quo and puts forward alternative positions for facilitating effective reconstruction through a more seamless and re-planned approach.

The document is structured in 4 sections.

  1. introduction, looks at natural disasters and the disaster management process; disaster recovery management; and frameworks for disaster recovery.

  2. considers the key contextual and institutional factors affecting reconstruction, including national stakeholders and actors, policy and governance; and codes, standards and regulations.

  3. enabling reconstruction to enhance resilience, covers the following topics: building resilience, the role of infrastructure, critical infrastructure, climate change and environmentally resilient construction, needs assessment, enabling appropriate reconstruction, managing the cost of reconstruction, finance and funding reconstruction, the role of insurance, disaster reconstruction and recovery principles, and durable solutions for displaced people.

  4. presents some conclusions.

The Topic Guide also has an extensive list of references and a bibliography of key resources.


Lloyd-Jones, T.; Davis, I.; Steele, A. Topic Guide: Effective post-disaster reconstruction programmes. Evidence on Demand, UK (2016) xiv, 93p.

Topic Guide: Effective post-disaster reconstruction programmes.

Published 1 August 2016