Tobacco-related socioeconomic cost of stroke, lung cancer and COPD in Lao PDR


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Tobacco is becoming one of the single biggest causes of death worldwide. By 2030 it is expected to kill 10 million people per year and developing countries will account for 70% of all tobacco deaths. Previous tobacco studies performed in Laos, have reported the rate of active smoking in Lao population. However, no data concerning the burden and socio-economic impact of tobacco-related diseases in Laos, is available as yet. The aims of this study are to determine the burden of active tobacco-related socio-economic cost of stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) in Laos and to estimate the burden and national socio-economic impact of tobacco-related diseases.

METHODS: This is a cross-sectional and multi-centered study using a purposive sampling method. One hundred and nine patients hospitalized in Mahosot, Mittapab and Sethathirath hospitals due to cerebral thrombosis, lung cancer and COPD were included. A structured questionnaire form was used to collect data on tobacco smoking behavior, and direct and indirect costs during hospitalization. Data were provided by patients and/or the patient’s close care giver. Mean cost per event for each disease was calculated and national smoking attributable fraction costs (SAF) of these tobacco-related diseases were estimated. Data entering, cleaning, processing and analysis were performed using the Epi Info statistical package.

RESULTS: The rate of tobacco smoking was 87% for lung cancer, 65% for COPD and 42% for stroke. Tobacco smoking was strongly associated with these major chronic diseases (p
CONCLUSIONS: The findings of this study confirm the harmful effects of tobacco smoking on human health. A significant socio-economic impact of tobacco-related diseases was detected. Anti-smoking measures to avoid tobacco-related diseases save lives as well as money are necessary.


The Collaborative Funding Program forSoutheast Asia Tobacco Control Research, 76 pp.

Tobacco-related socioeconomic cost of stroke, lung cancer and COPD in Lao PDR

Published 1 January 2009