The use of mobile technology and its application in CLP-2


Between 2000 and 2012 the number of mobile subscriptions worldwide grew from one billion to six billion and, according to figures from the World Bank, five billion of these are owned by people living in developing countries. Over 80% of the world’s population live in range of a mobile network. Mobile phones are now being used to increase the efficiency and inclusivity of development and humanitarian programmes worldwide.

Realising this and the potential scope for mobile technology to enhance development programmes, in 2013, CLP began investigating the use of mobile technology and its potential application within the CLP. This report is the result of two phases of research. Phase one comprised of initial exploratory research into the use of mobile technology for development. Research became focused on three key areas: cash transfers; microfinance; and the transfer of information. In light of the research findings, CLP’s current programmes were reviewed to see if there was scope to incorporate similar models of mobile technology into the Programme’s activities. Five key areas were identified within CLP: primary health care, family planning and nutrition; market information; agricultural extension; microfinance; and disaster resilience. It was necessary to review, in more detail, the products and services that exist in Bangladesh and ascertain the relevance and applicability of the services to CLP. A number of recommendations were generated based on each of the five areas.

Section three of this report will provide an overview of the research findings regarding the global use of mobile technology in development. Section four will summarise CLP’s experience with mobile technology so far and section five will provide a summary of the reviews produced for each key area. Detailed reviews for each can be found in the Annex.


Haneef, C.; Pritchard, M.; Davies, W.; Bird, J.; Islam, N.; Barrett, A. The use of mobile technology and its application in CLP-2. (2014) 46 pp.

The use of mobile technology and its application in CLP-2

Published 1 January 2014