The use of calcrete in paved roads in Botswana.


This paper describes the studies undertaken in Botswana which have led to

the development of local specifications for the use of calcretes in paved road

construction. The studies have examined their use as road bases, untreated shoulder materials and as surface dressing aggregates. A new specification for lightly-trafficked roads based on the findings of the studies is included.

The results of recent research concerning the use of cement and lime stabilisation is presented and recommendations made. Finally, the results of the research will be applied to the construction of over 1200 km of road to be constructed in the Kalahari region over the next decade. This will enable massive cost savings to be made.


Ninth Regional Conference for Africa, Lagos. AKINMUSURU, J. O. et al. (Eds). Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Volume 1. September 1987. TRL - Crowthorne, UK. pp. 16

The use of calcrete in paved roads in Botswana.

Published 1 January 1987