The Ugandan power sector

These notes cover the power sector structure, regional interconnections and demand side projections


These brief notes on the Ugandan power sector were provided for the DFID Conference, July 2009. Data for population, GNI per capita, population growth and Human Development Index are given for Uganda, SSA and Low Income Countries, to give a country context. The notes cover the current state of the sector (its structure, regional interconnections, issues and Uganda demand side projections); what DFID/IFC has done in the past and lessons learnt; what government, other donors and the private sector are planning; and the most important problems to solve.

This resource was produced by TI-UP – a DFID-funded resource centre for technology, infrastructure and urban planning, managed by IMC Worldwide Ltd.


Pinto, N. The Ugandan power sector. TI-UP Resource Centre, London, UK (2009) 4 pp.

Published 1 January 2009