The travel behaviour of households in Pune. (Doc. no. PA3207/96).


This paper reports on the income-related findings of a household travel behaviour survey undertaken in Pune during 1996. Individuals were placed into one of three income bands on the basis of their families' per-capita income. The results of the survey show that each of the income bands has its own particular set of travel characteristics with respect to modal choice

for general travel, as well as specifically for work, shopping and education trips. The paper also reports on inter-group differences in attitudes towards public transport. The differences between income bands are discussed in the context of Pune's growth as an industrial town, and also in the context of social/cultural issues. The aim of the study is to inform the transport planning process in order that future plans for Pune may consider and meet the needs of the entire population rather than just a section of the community.


Symposium on Infrastructure of the Future, Bangalore, India, 25-29 November 1996. TRL - Crowthorne, UK. pp. 17

The travel behaviour of households in Pune. (Doc. no. PA3207/96).

Published 1 January 1996