The SYMFOR model: a general description


In this paper, SYMFOR, a software tool for investigating the effects of forest management is presented. Using SYMFOR, it is possible to compare silvicultural alternatives numerically and scientifically, and thus inform the decisions on forest management and forest policy. It is also an extremely useful tool for education, capturing the ecology of the forest from the data and demonstrating how the interaction of the ecology and the management together affect the forest.


Phillips, P.D.; Mcleish, M.J.; Sardjono, E.; Brash, T.; Susanty, F.H.; Gadas, S.; Isryal Yasman; van Gardingen, P.R.; Boen Purnama. The SYMFOR model: a general description. (2000) 9 pp.

The SYMFOR model: a general description

Published 1 January 2000