The Road to Good Nutrition: A global perspective


The Road to Good Nutrition brings together the experience and insights of globally recognized experts in the field of nutrition to create an in-depth and up to date introduction to the subject for the non-expert. Each expert addresses from their specialist perspective the question of how to improve the nutritional status of the world’s population as a whole.

Each chapter follows approximately the same format, with key messages highlighted at the outset, a personal conclusion from the author, and a list of publications and websites for further study of the chapter topic. The chapters are as follows:

  1. Preventing Stunting: Why it Matters, What it Takes (Martin Bloem)

  2. Food Security and Nutrition: Linkages and Complementarities (Marie Ruel)

  3. Hidden Hunger in the Developed World (Hans Konrad Biesalski)

  4. The Obesity Crisis (Eileen Kennedy)

  5. The Economic Cost of Malnutrition (John Hoddinott)

  6. Best Practice in Nutrition (Victoria Quinn)

  7. How to Improve Nutrition via Effective Programming (Werner Schultink)

  8. Taming Volatile Food Prices: A Prerequisite for Improving Nutrition (Joachim von Braun)

  9. Making Nutrition Good Politics: The Power of Governance (Stuart Gillespie)

  10. The Power of Advocacy (Tom Arnold)

  11. The Power of Innovation (Alain Labrique, Marguerite B Lucea, Alan Dangour)

  12. Speaking Up for Nutrition: The Role of Civil Society (Asma Lateef)

  13. The Evolving World of Nutrition (Saskia de Pee)


Eggersdorfer, M.; Kraemer, K.; Ruel, M.; Van Ameringen, M.; Biesalski, H.K.; Bloem, N.; Chen, J.S.; Lateef, A.; Mannar, V. (Editors) The Road to Good Nutrition: A global perspective. S. Karger AG, Basel, Switzerland (2013) vi + 209 pp. ISBN 978-3-318-02549-1

The Road to Good Nutrition: A global perspective

Published 1 January 2013