The Rise of China and India


The rise of China and India is rapidly reshaping the world economy, with far-reaching implications for every national and regional government, business community, and individual citizen. Arising from the UNU-WIDER research project 'Southern Engines of Global Growth', this volume explores the foundations of China and India's development experiences and strategies, and how these can provide practical lessons to other economies. It examines the patterns of productivity, international trade and investment inflows, and comparatively analyses the prospects, driving forces and implications of the rise of China and India as economic and political giants.


Santos-Paulino, A.U.; Wan GuangHua (Editors) The Rise of China and India. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK (2010) 336 pp. ISBN 978-0-23-0252273-8

The Rise of China and India

Published 1 January 2010