The PAPD monitoring strategy.


This report focuses on the development of monitoring approaches that attempted to gather qualitative information and the quality of processes and project-related developments through diary-keeping. In this regard, the report also outlines the project's approach to tracking change and its position in relation approaches used elsewhere. Overall, there were three objectives of monitoring; 1) to capture evidence of project-related change relating to the PAPD approach and consensus, 2) to suggest modifications in the approach and strategy of the project team as events evolved and 3) to confirm (or otherwise) achievement of logframe activities and outputs.


Lewins, R., Islam, F.U. and Hossain, K. 2005. The PAPD monitoring strategy. Annex B-iii of the Final Technical Report for project R8103. Rugby, UK: ITDG (now Practical Action). 16 pp.

The PAPD monitoring strategy.

Published 1 January 2005