The nucleotide sequence of RNA-1 of Indian peanut clump furovius


The nucleotide sequence of RNA-1 of an isolate of the H serotype of Indian peanut clump virus (IPCV-H) was shown to comprise 5 841 nucleotides. The RNA contains three open reading frames (ORF) which are between nucleotides 133 and 3 522, nucleotides 3 526 and 5 103 (assuming expression by suppression of the ORF 1 termination codon) and nucleotides 5 168 and 5 539. The encoded polypeptides have M r , of 129 687 (p130), 60 188 (p60) and 14 281 (p14). ORF 2 is thought to be expressed by suppression of the termination codon of ORF 1 to produce a M r , 189 975 product (p190). p130 contains sequences characteristic of proteins with methyl transferase and NTP-binding properties and p190 contains these and sequences characteristic of RNA-dependent RNA polymerases. The nucleotide sequence of IPCV RNA-1 is similar to that of peanut clump virus (PCV) and corresponding encoded polypeptides are 88% (p130), 95% p60 and 75% (p14) identical. The sequences of the translation products are also similar to those of soil-borne wheat mosaic virus and barley stripe mosaic virus. Oligonucleotide primers, designed on the basis of the sequences of RNA-1 of IPCV and PCV, were effective in reverse transcription-PCR amplification of these RNAs and that of IPCV isolates of the serologically distinct L and T serotypes.


Miller, J.S.; Wesley, S.V.; Naidu, R.A.; Reddy, D.V.R.; Mayo, M.A. The nucleotide sequence of RNA-1 of Indian peanut clump furovius. Archives of Virology (1996) 141 (12) 2301-2312. [DOI: 10.1007/BF01718632]

The nucleotide sequence of RNA-1 of Indian peanut clump furovius

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