The Maharastra Employment Guarantee Scheme, India.


In the semi-arid region to which the state of Maharashtra in India belongs, agriculture is a highly seasonal activity. During the lean periods, large numbers of rural households eke out a bare subsistence through short spells of mostly unremunerative employment. The aim of the Maharastra Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) is to address this problem by providing guaranteed employment at a wage level sufficient to ensure a minimum level of subsistence. By reducing risks faced by poor households, and by constructing productive assets and infrastructure, the scheme also aims to have a longer-term developmental role. The objectives, lessons learned, background, details, implementation, and impacts are outlined.


Inter-Regional Inequality Facility Policy Brief 6, Overseas Development Institute, UK, 4 pp.

The Maharastra Employment Guarantee Scheme, India.

Published 1 January 2006