The genetic origin of fragrance in NERICA1


In this study, we investigated the cause and origin of fragrance in NERICA1, a fragrant rice inbred line developed from an interspecific cross between two non-fragrant parents. The genetic cause of fragrance in NERICA1 was found to be due to a previously reported mutation in the BADH2 gene, the same allele responsible for the majority of modern fragrant rice varieties. Haplotype analysis around the BADH2 gene in NERICA1, its parents, and 95 other varieties carrying the badh2.1 allele identified the source of the badh2.1 allele in NERICA1 was a fragrant tropical japonica variety, WAB638-1, which had been growing in the vicinity of the NERICA1 nursery during varietal development. The allele-specific marker for the badh2.1 allele consistently predicted fragrance in the diverse African germplasm tested, making it very useful for marker-assisted breeding of fragrant rice varieties in Africa.


Asante, M.D.; Kovach, M.J.; Lingxia Huang; Harrington, S.; Dartey, P.K.; Akromah, R.; Semon, M.; McCouch, S. The genetic origin of fragrance in NERICA1. Molecular Breeding (2010) 26 (3) 419-424. [DOI: 10.1007/s11032-009-9382-8]

Published 1 January 2010