The Communication for Governance and Accountability (CommGAP) [Brochure].


This brochure updates the programme brief describing the aims of CommGap and the three gaps that CommGAP was established to address. These gaps undermine the effectiveness and sustainability of governance reform efforts: a structural gap, a process gap, and a capacity gap. CommGAP's approach is outlined. It divides its work into three interrelated and mutually reinforcing program areas, each with specific objectives: (1) Research and Advocacy; (2) Training and Capacity Building; (3) Support to Development Projects and Programs. CommGAP's operational activities are focused on Africa and Asia, and exclusively on the areas of governance and accountability, such as accountability mechanisms; participatory local governance; postconflict environments and fragile states; and anti-corruption. Attention is drawn to the Program's publication and blog outputs.


Communication for Governance and Accountability (CommGAP), World Bank, 6 pp.

The Communication for Governance and Accountability (CommGAP) [Brochure].

Published 1 January 2008