The CLP’s Approach to Defining Graduation


The 2010 annual review of the CLP recommended that a comprehensive set of graduation criteria be developed. The CLP responded to this, and in September 2010 presented proposals for graduation (defined as moving beyond dependence on external assistance such as cash transfers) to various stakeholders including DFID Bangladesh (DFID,B). On the whole the proposals put forward by the CLP were well received, however suggestions were made on how to improve the proposed criteria. The purpose of this paper is to explain the CLP's approach to graduation, including the methodology behind developing these criteria. The initial criteria proposed by the CLP are explained, followed by a discussion on the feedback received.


Kenward, S.; Blackie, R.; Rafiqul Islam. The CLP’s Approach to Defining Graduation. (2011) 14 pp.

The CLP’s Approach to Defining Graduation

Published 1 January 2011