The changing nature of murder in Russia.


The death rate from homicide in Russia increased rapidly during the 1990s. It is now about 20 times higher than in western Europe and is among the highest recorded anywhere in the world. However, this issue has received little attention so far from public health researchers or policymakers. This paper describes the changing nature of homicide during the 1990s in Russia as a whole and, in more detail, in the Udmurt Republic. The study uses data from three sources: routine mortality data for Russia from 1970-1999; statistics on criminal investigations and convictions in Russia between 1990 and 1997; and an in-depth study of homicide trial records in the Udmurt Republic in 1989-91 and 1998.


Chervyakov, V.; Shkolnikov, V.; Pridemore, W.; McKee, M. The changing nature of murder in Russia. Social Science and Medicine (2002) 55 (10) 1713-1724. [DOI: 10.1016/S0277-9536(01)00299-4]

The changing nature of murder in Russia.

Published 1 January 2002