The Challenges of Chagas Disease — Grim Outlook or Glimmer of Hope?


After a brief introductory section and description of the aetiology, distribution and clinical manifestations of Chagas' disease, this article describes the reasons why despite some successes in its control it is still a significant problem: the challenges of vector control and drug therapy and the need (but also the opportunity) for improved diagnosis and more integrated vector control. The final section argues that the disease poses many problems, but that these are not insurmountable, as there are many partial solutions that could have a significant impact if used in a co-ordinated manner, and scope for new drugs, vaccines and diagnostic techniques if potential leads are taken forward. [Also available in Spanish].


PLoS Medicine (2007) 4 (12) e332 [doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0040332]

Published 1 January 2007