The case for accelerating malaria care: edging closer to the MDGs


This chapter gives an overview of progress towards the targets for malaria control set out in the Abuja declaration of 2000 and Roll Back Malaria's Global Malaria Action plan of 2008, which if met would be key contributory factors towards the achievement of several of the Millennium Development Goals. There has been significant progress, but much more work, research and funding (to which Commonwealth governments are urged to contribute) are required if progress is to be maintained and the ultimate goal of eradicating malaria is to be realistic.


In: Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Update 2010. Pro-Brook Publishing (on behalf of the Commonwealth Secretariat), Woodbridge, UK, ISBN 978-1-84929-030-2 (paperback) or 978-1-84859-081-6 (e-book). pp. 069-075.

Published 1 January 2010