The CABI Development Fund (CDF) Report to DFID, 2008

9 sustainable agriculture projects are outlined in the report


This report covers activities funded by the CABI Development Fund (CDF) during 2008. The CDF areas of expertise relate to the DFID focus research areas of Sustainable agriculture, Climate change and Future challenges and opportunities. The report is therefore structured by DFID research areas (and sub areas) to show how the CDF projects fit within them.

Nine projects in the thematic area of Sustainable agriculture are outlined in the report. Work has been conducted in countries and regions including Papua New Guinea (on Cocoa pod borer and Coffee green scale), Vietnam and Laos (assessment of pests and diseases affecting coffee production, and development of control options for Coffee berry borer), Pakistan (value chain studies on cotton, constraints to banana production, and pest assessment on forest and fruit trees), Africa (developing value chains for spices) and Central America (evaluating sustainability indicators for coffee).

Climate change research has looked into the agronomy and economics of Jatropha, to inform debate on biofuels. Biofuels (the use of plant wastes for second generation biofuel production) is also one of the subjects addressed under Future challenges and opportunities, together with projects on ICT in agricultural knowledge, development of an e-learning prototype, and development of a global repository for agricultural research information.

Nine projects in the theme of Knowledge management, innovations systems and biodiversity are outlined. Topics covered include knowledge tools for smallholder commodity farmers, national innovation systems, projects on invasive species (including input to the Global Invasive Species Programme, and managing biological invasions in the Caribbean and South Asia), and conservation and utilization of microbial biodiversity.


Wallingford, UK: CABI. 32 pp.

The CABI Development Fund (CDF) Report to DFID, 2008

Published 1 January 2009