The Book Chain In Anglophone Africa: A survey and directory.


Despite the rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICTs), the preferred medium for the communication of information and ideas between one person and another is still largely the printed book - and will probably remain so for a long time to come. The success of this form of communication between writer and reader not only requires viable commercial activities in publishing, printing, distribution and bookselling but also concerns issues of professionalism, freedom of expression, legislation and policies, the availability of library services, education and training, and many others. Together, these issues and processes are known as the 'book chain'.

This book looks at the book chain in English-speaking African countries. It has two major purposes: firstly, to review the overall situation on the continent, both generally and within each anglophone country; secondly, to provide a directory of major players in the book chain in those countries so as to assist commercial business as well as librarians in making the contacts necessary for the development of their services.


ISBN-10 1 902928 11 3 - English (ISBN-13 978 1 902928 11 1); ISBN-10 1 902928 12 1 - French (ISBN-13 978 1 902928 12 8); 284 pp. INASP, Oxford, UK.

The Book Chain In Anglophone Africa: A survey and directory.

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