Adaptation at scale: final evaluation report

How the prize encouraged participants to increase the impact of their interventions to help Nepalese to adapt to climate change


The Adaptation at Scale Prize Prize (A@S) aimed to encourage participating organisations to increase the impact of their interventions aimed at helping Nepalese communities to cope with climate change.

A@S is one of a number of innovation prizes under the UK Department for International Development funded ‘Ideas to Impact’ programme, which was established to test the value of using innovation prizes to achieve international development outcomes, often to encourage people to act differently over months or years.

The programme’s evaluators at Itad are supporting Ideas to Impact to understand if such prizes worked as intended, and when and where they could be useful as a funding mechanism for international development, compared to other forms of funding, such as grants. The A@S evaluation report explores what happened when Ideas to Impact tried using prizes in Nepal to help people adapt to climate change.

A@S was delivered by IMC Worldwide, with a consortium consisting of the Institute of Development Studies Nepal, Centre for Green Economy Development and Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies as the local implementingagents. The prize was designed by IMC Worldwide, Blue Globe and the Institute of Development Studies.

A summary of the report is available, along with a brief giving an overview of the A@S prize, its achievements and lessons learned. There is also a short animation about the prize:


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Published 25 January 2020