Ten Year Vision and Strategy


Through extensive review, consultation and discussion with many stakeholders, and guidance from TDR's governance and scientific advisory bodies, TDR has developed a new vision and strategy that address key challenges and priority needs for infectious disease research while building on its scientific strengths, its values and its mandate as a special programme. The new vision and strategy respond to the new research environment and to the need to make the collective global research effort more effective and responsive to research priorities in disease endemic countries. They also recognize the need for these countries to play a major role in research and priority setting to ensure relevance, sustainability and optimal health impact for the poor.

In order to achieve the new vision, TDR will use a three-pronged strategy to: provide a collaborative framework and information service for research partners; empower scientists from disease endemic countries as research leaders; and support research on neglected priority needs.


World Health Organization, Geneva. 36 pp.

Ten Year Vision and Strategy

Published 1 January 2007