Telehealth in the Developing World


This book presents a comprehensive analysis of telemedicine systems and applications for providing medical education and training, health care and long-distance consultations in Developing Countries. The topics featured include: teledermatology in Cambodia; telepaediatrics in Chechnya, Russia; telepathology using digital cameras and email, and telementoring in India; the HealthNet networks in Nepal; the Medical Missions for Children project; international HIV/AIDS discussion lists; the Aga Khan Telehealth Network in Pakistan; access to mobile phones and internet in the Philippines; exchanging x-ray images in Ghana; information technology for primary health care, web-based oncology registries and a virtual oncology hospital in Brazil; surgical training in the developing world; the iPath international email network; cross-cultural telemedicine; global e-health policy; telemedicine in rural and remote areas; and future use of telehealth.


Wootton, R.; Patil, N.G.; Scott, R.E.; Ho, K. (Editors) Telehealth in the Developing World. Royal Society of Medicine Press/IDRC, (2009) 335 pp. ISBN 78-1-85315-784-4, 978-1-55250-396-6 [online]

Telehealth in the Developing World

Published 1 January 2009