TDR Reflects on 40 Years


TDR, the Special Programme in Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, was established in 1974 to strengthen research and training activities on tropical diseases, particularly in developing countries. The main principles were to promote and conduct research equitably, and to provide access to this knowledge and the resulting tools for the most vulnerable and hard to reach people. In this special collection of 7 articles, former and current TDR staff provide their views on key challenges and lessons learned during the 40 year history, and explain how and why the approaches and work plans changed through time. This includes the type of research supported, the way it was conducted and even the diseases covered. As the needs in the countries have evolved, so too has the Programme.


TDR. TDR Reflects on 40 Years. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2015): articles 3350, 3355 and 3376-3380.

TDR Reflects on 40 Years

Published 1 January 2015