Tanga Fresh


In 2008 Tanga Fresh (a dairy company in the town of Tanga, Tanzania) developed a new project - the Modern Dairy Service Network (MSDN) - to improve the milk collection system following a retarded milk supply in 2007. Thanks to collaboration with micro-finance institution, Farm Friends Tanzania, and livestock company, Holland Dairies, Tanga Fresh has stimulated local milk production sufficiently to justify major investment in a large milk processing plant. It has capacity for 50,000 litres a day and Tanga Fresh is now the main supplier of fresh milk products to Dar es Salaam.

AECF has invested in Tanga Fresh to support modernisation of the milk collection system and communications systems to support this.


AECF. Tanga Fresh. (2011) 8 pp.

Tanga Fresh

Published 1 January 2011