Tackling chronic poverty. CPRC Policy Brief No. 28.


<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Key points</span>

  • Addressing the challenge of chronic poverty is a difficult task, but one that is now feasible because of the rapidly emerging knowledge base on the nature of chronic poverty and ‘what works for the poorest.’
  • Action must be nationally specific, and can build on four main pillars – effective social protection programmes and systems, human development for the hard to reach, economic growth that includes chronically poor people, and progressive social change.
  • The post-2015 development framework will need to respond to the vulnerability of poor people, protect the assets they accumulate and ensure returns to those assets are higher. Health and education services will need to focus on the poorest. The emphasis on ending gender and other discrimination needs to be strengthened.


Chronic Poverty Research Centre, London, UK. CPRC Policy Brief 28, 4 pp.

Tackling chronic poverty. CPRC Policy Brief No. 28.

Published 1 January 2011