Systems thinking for health systems strengthening


This latest flagship report from the Alliance offers a fresh and practical approach to strengthening health systems through \"systems thinking\". In its \"Ten steps to systems thinking,\" the report shows how we can better capture the wisdom of diverse health system stakeholders in designing solutions to system problems. It suggests ways to more realistically forecast how health systems might respond to system-strengthening interventions, while also exploring potential synergies and dangers among those interventions. Health systems strengthening is rising on political agendas worldwide. This Report will deepen understanding and stimulate fresh thinking among stewards of health systems, health systems researchers, and development partners. This report is also available in French and Spanish.


de Savigny, D.; Adam, T. (Eds), Systems thinking for health systems strengthening, Alliance HPSR, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, ISBN 978 924 156389 5, 107 pp.

Published 1 January 2009