Synthesis of FMSP experience and lessons learned for fisheries co-management, Final Technical Report.


The application of 'command and control' management has not been considered wholly successful in the management of fisheries, particularly small-scale fisheries that are part of the livelihoods portfolio of so many in developing countries around the world. Comanagement, by actively including the knowledge, perspectives and objectives of a range of local stakeholders, together with the wider perspective, technical knowledge and scientific approach of government and other external agencies has the potential, in the appropriate context, to result in more equitable and sustainable management outcomes. These can result in more resilient systems and outcomes that are far more relevant to the needs and objectives of those dependent upon these systems. The project has sought to synthesise a number of the lessons learned across a range of projects that have, for the most part, been implemented individually over the eleven years of the Fisheries Management Science Programme (FMSP). These lessons, together with tools, methods and informative experiences have been brought together into accessible communications products that aim to highlight the FMSP experiences in relation to fisheries co-management and lead the reader towards the more detailed products available. As such the project has not aimed to generate any particular new insights into any aspect of the comanagement process but instead to communicate what exists to a range of stakeholders. The project has developed a communication strategy that has identified a range of target communications stakeholders including policy makers, implementing agencies and agencies with a capacity building remit who might benefit from the lessons learned. The communications strategy was developed together with two other projects to ensure a coordinated approach to the promotion of products relating to co-management and a single communications database was established through which the strategy could be implemented. Based on lessons learned in earlier uptake promotions projects, a range of communications products were developed. The products that have been developed include a 40 page synthesis product, a range of policy briefs covering the co-management process, aspects of co-management policy, data collection and ParFish as well as a two page flyer and a poster. All of these have been designed to raise awareness of the more technical material available from the FMSP and provide the reader with an entry point into it. It is expected that the range of products developed and the careful selection of target stakeholders and communications channels should contribute significantly to increased uptake and adoption of outputs from the FMSP with positive benefits being generated for those dependent upon the co-managed fisheries as a result.


Marine Resources Assessment Group Ltd, London, UK, 35 pp.

Synthesis of FMSP experience and lessons learned for fisheries co-management, Final Technical Report.

Published 1 January 2005