Symposium on Medicinal Plants (Theme: Research, Cultivation, Conservation, Processing and Marketing) MAAHF-Kabul, November 19, 2005


These symposium proceedings contain presentations on farming medicinal plants in Afghanistan and their roles as alternatives to opium poppies. The main topics are:

  • Review of medicinal flora of Afghanistan.
  • Role of medicinal plants in Afghanistan's trade.
  • Medicinal and Aramatic Plants of Iran.
  • Production Technology of Saffron in Iran.
  • Herbal Medicine and Related Industries in Iran.
  • Developing Afghan saffron.
  • Social Dimensions of saffron.
  • Natural Active Ingredients as Food, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics.
  • Role of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the Project.
  • Cultivation of Mint.


RALF, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria, 11 documents.

Published 1 January 2005